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Riley & Zach have been friends since the 2nd grade!

Riley Koo

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I will be a rising Junior at Acalanes High School. At Stanley Middle, I took Math 2/3A in 7th grade and Math 3B/Algebra I in 8th. Followed by Geometry Honors in 9th grade and Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus Honors in 10th. To excel in math, you need to go beyond just following the steps to get to the answer. I feel that you have to understand the logic behind it, to find the reasoning behind why the answer is the answer. I really enjoy math. It’s not just a bunch of calculations for me, I see it more as a puzzle that I have to figure out. I’m excited to help others see math this way also.

Zach Zener

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I have been tutoring kids from 2nd to 6th grades for the past two years with my first student being my younger brother Emmett. I truly love teaching kids. I am a rising Junior at the College Preparatory School in Oakland. As a Stanley middle school student, I have found math to be my favorite subject and I have successfully completed the accelerated math track (Math 2/3A and Math 3B/Algebra) with enthusiasm and an ongoing love for math. In addition to math, I have taken a heavy load of STEM related courses in high school including chemistry, physics, and computer science. Outside of school, I participate on my high school’s Varsity Cross Country and Volleyball teams. I currently swim with Orinda Aquatics as my all-year around sport.

Tyson Bates

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I’ve always had a strong interest in math and communicating to others how I see it. I’m a rising junior at Acalanes High School and just completed Algerbra 2/Pre-Calculus Honors. In addition to my school math courses I have taken classes at Berkeley Math Circle and at Apex College Prep. I enjoy helping others and was a Teacher’s Assistant for French in 8th grade. Outside of learning I love baseball, which I play for Acalanes.

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